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Future Workforce

Future Workforce

Our futures have been irrevocably changed and our attitude towards work needs to evolve. We will provide you with the knowledge to re-brand yourself, upgrade your existing skills, and seek new opportunities regionally and globally.

Gig Economy

Knowledge and the tools you’ll need to find local and international gigs, aka online work, aka task-based jobs.

Gig Economy

Job Preparation

Job Preparation

Any muscle will experience dystrophy after long periods of disuse, and your ‘employment muscle’ is no different. No matter the length of your unemployment or if this is your first job, we can help you prepare. Things such as Zoom etiquette, office culture, unwritten company rules, we’ll tell you them on. There’ll be no employee faux pas on our watch!


When it’s time to hire, all organisations want the best of the best of the best, right? But is your company culture conducive to an efficient workflow? Are you ready to invest in your new talent to cultivate a mutually beneficial working relationship? Yes, you deserve the best employees but they deserve the best boss too! Let us show you how to get your act together to attract and keep the ultimate employees.


Remote Working

Remote Working

Have you wondered if remote work is right for you? No idea how to get started, where to look or what the restrictions may be based on where you are? There’s no need to wonder anymore. Our content will tell you exactly where to seek remote-jobs, how to secure them and most importantly, the best methods to get paid for them, especially from international recruiters.

Work Well

Creating a work/life balance has always been important but now it is essential. As many individuals continue to work from home, the lines are blurred between where work ends and personal time begins. Learn the necessary skills to avoid burnout, find joy in your work again and, know when to stop without feeling guilty. Times are different, let’s show you how to navigate them.

Work Well

Cyber Security Essentials for the Work Space

What every employee should understand about online vulnerabilities and how to identify and prevent them.

Free Until December 31st 2023

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FREE Online Course

Sexual Harassment Prevention Act

We examine the intended purpose of Barbados' sexual harassment prevention act, define sexual harassment, outline the employer’s responsibilities and the employee’s rights, ensure clear understanding of the role of the chief labour officer, the employment’s rights tribunal and discuss penalties for non compliance.

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* Free for a limited time compliments Workin' Caribbean