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About Us

The Caribbean's leading resource community for everything employment-related.

Who We Are

Workin’ Caribbean is positioned to become the Caribbean’s leading resource community for everything employment-related. We build and use existing online platforms to assist Caribbean businesses, job seekers and freelancers in finding opportunities, relevant career information, entrepreneurial tools, and access to training.  


Our mission is to prime employees for digital transformation and to assist in the future-proofing of the Caribbean’s workforce.


Our vision to become the #1 Employment Resources Community in the Caribbean for persons seeking work opportunities from freelancing to employment.

What sets us a part

Purpose Driven

We’re personally invested in the future of the Caribbean workforce and we want to help all persons seeking professional development and transformation within the Caribbean. We also have a wellness mindset when it comes to working and some of our resources focus on work-life balance, healthy work practices and overcoming personal obstacles.

Community Focused

We provide support through our partners and community to help our most engaged opportunity seekers by providing advice, networking opportunities and career workshops.

Simple and straightforward

We don’t use a bunch of jargon and technical language that makes information difficult to digest. Our tone is plain and matter-of-fact and our content is written in layman’s terms so the average person can benefit from all of our resources.

Caribbean Centric

We leverage innovative technology and insightful content created within the Caribbean Region to deliver an informative and engaging learning and development experience. This includes our video series, podcast, webinars and online courses.

Partner Or Work With Us

Empower your employees with our training and development solutions.

We offer a variety of approaches and methods to accelerate the transition from traditional to digital learning and facilitate knowledge transfer, operational efficiency and effective organisational change.