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As a Caribbean Creative Entrepreneur, is Patreon Right for Me?

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Patreon is a platform that gives creatives an opportunity to earn more from their patrons. Patrons are your subscribers and may be comprised of an existing fanbase from another social media platform such as YouTube and typically pay a subscription fee either annually, monthly, or per content, allowing them to have an exclusive view of your content. In this way, Patreon offers you a chance to earn extra income. Therefore, it is upon you to deliver the best and most engaging content to maintain and attract more patrons. 

This platform has encryption and authentication with payments accessible through payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and Google Pay. All of these payment protocols have been taken to ensure transparency, easy accessibility, and affordability of the platform.

Patreon when utilized effectively can be a haven for creators worldwide. However, you may encounter some challenges if you’re from the Caribbean region due to some payment restrictions. In Barbados, for example, accessing your money paid through Patreon may pose a problem to you because most local and international banks within this country have individual restrictions. Creating a PayPal account and linking it to your Patreon account would be the best alternative to help you access the funds earned. However, after the deduction of all fees, payments received through a PayPal account can be withdrawn in the form of a cheque which will incur an extra processing fee, or the funds must remain on the PayPal account for a minimum of a month if it is to be transferred to your local bank account. Islands such as Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, and Dominica have made arrangements for funds in a PayPal account, upon the owner’s request, to be transferred to a Visa credit card or a linked bank account in the United States.

Without an existing local bank account, a creative who has recently joined Patreon, whether in Jamaica, Guyana, St. Lucia, Trinidad, or Barbados may still have alternative options to retrieve funds. WiPay, an online payment system, has been launched within these countries and this system has made it easier for Caribbean people to receive payments without a credit card. As a creator, you can access the funds from anywhere, at any time, through anyone. Amazingly, payments are accepted through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Email, Websites, and WiPay terminals may also be used. Apart from the transaction fees, there are no additional fees charged. Within this system, creatives can earn and monitor their income regularly. (click here for more details on how WiPay works Home – WiPay Barbados (

In conclusion, for any creative person based in the Caribbean region, if you’re thinking about signing up for a Patreon account, it may be a good fit as many Caribbean countries are improving their e-commerce options. So, it’s up to you as an artist to make the best content possible that will attract more patrons to subscribe. With increased subscribers, income increases, and regardless of the few transactions fees, you will definitely get value for your work.

Open your Patreon account today and tap into your earning potential!

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