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Cybersecurity – Are You Secure Online?

Picture of Nadine A. Jack

Nadine A. Jack

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Cyber security was once an option but in this post-pandemic world, it is now an obligation.

In the ‘real world,’ we tend to secure and have insurance for our tangible valuables like our homes, businesses, cars and selves etc. However, if you live in a developed country, chances are that you spend a significant amount of time ‘living online’. According to Forbes, “COVID-19 increased internet use by 70% and streaming by more than 12%”

So if we’re spending more time online, shouldn’t we ensure that we’re doing so safely? 

The average person who uses the internet on a regular basis is at risk for malware, viruses, identity theft and several other intrusive attacks that savvy hackers implement on a daily basis.

Most of us are unaware of how at risk we are. I bet that when you travel you’ve plugged your laptop or phone directly into the panel provided at many airports. Do you know what that is really? The potential to be hacked.

Ever logged on to a conveniently free WiFi hotspot? Yup, another way you could be hacked.

So what can you do to secure yourself online? Well, the first step is to become informed. Educate yourself by becoming aware of what some common online risks are, and how to prevent them.

A quick and easy way to do so is by taking our free and informative course on cybersecurity.

Just click here: Safe Space – Cyber Security Essentials for the Work Space – Workin Caribbean (It’s safe, trust us). 

You’ll learn which links are okay to click and which aren’t. How to spot fake correspondence from financial institutions, how to secure your online network and much more.

So get informed today, and stay safe, whether in the ‘real world’, or online.

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