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  • How close to perfect can you get; putting your candidates under the microscope.

How close to perfect can you get; putting your candidates under the microscope.

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Faith Chukwuka

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Finding employees is hard, and it gets harder each year. As of 2020, 68 per cent of American HR professionals reported challenges filling vacancies, and whilst the exact figure isn’t known we suspect we might be in the same position here in Barbados.

An effective recruitment program begins with a thorough job description. “Believe it or not, the first technique is to adequately prepare for the recruitment.” (Robinson-Morris)

If you know what you want, the type of individual, the skills necessary, the personality necessary; then you are in a better position to reject candidates who do not fit the mould.” (Robinson-Morris)

Analyse what the day to day requirements of the position will be and what skills an applicant will need to fill it, and list them. Then the requisite education, if applicable and any additional information that would attract desired candidates.

You will also have to list requirements that help you to find team members who match your company values.  A key to the success of any business; is hiring “perfect” employees. That is people who share your business principles and will be devoted, long-term employees.

If you want to learn how to attract many suitable applicants, and hire the best employees for your business, pay attention to these helpful tips. They will help you to identify and hire the best employee to fit your brand.

Selecting a good fit

The best employee will have the skills that match the job requirements. Some of the ways to assess the candidates suitability for the role are: using written questionnaires, asking open-ended questions, setting problem-solving exercises, and a variety of other tests. “(Google) needs talented people to perform well and that translates into how they communicate about the kind of talent they are looking for and the jobs they offer.” (Brathwaite)

Strong work ethic and integrity

Your company’s image can be ruined by employees who lack honesty and ethics. This is even more prevalent with the advancement in technology and digital reviews. Employees that possess strong work ethics and integrity; positively influence the work ethics of others. Thus, improving the overall quality of the staff compliment.

Fits the culture

Company culture is vital, an employee should be able to fit the culture of your company. If not, it will affect both them and the others in your team negatively. The ‘perfect’ employee will share your company’s vision and core values. The interview is the best opportunity to ask questions necessary to get a picture of their real personality. This allows you to discover if the candidate is a good or bad fit for your business and prove essential to its success.


Motivate your potential employees so that they want to become a part of your team and not just work for a paycheck. Showing your company as one with opportunities to contribute and innovate, or a place where staff can undergo professional development entices more candidates. These candidates then want to do their best for the company should they be successful because they will be valued.


You don’t want to have to take time to micromanage employees. Therefore, you should strive to hire employees who can think and work independently. When employees require micromanagement, it lessens productivity and creates frustration. Workers who show initiative, make the workflow effortless and are more satisfying to work with.

Respect for rules

Having staff who respect company rules and engage in acceptable behaviour with managers, co-workers, and customers is an asset. Employees can be led astray by others who display a lack of respect and disrupt the work environment.

Works well with others

It is essential to consider how a potential employee will fit with your current team before hiring them. Their ability to get along with others, work well as part of a team and go the extra mile will add value to your business and lead to success. Your team should be able to work well together. A team made up of satisfied, motivated individuals with good personalities will have good morale and high performance. 

Believe in your business

A candidate who believes in your product or service; and shares company values will be an employee who advocates for your business outside of company hours. Their belief in the company will show by their enthusiasm for the job; and how they share what they do with others. This will build the work ethic, and their zest will impact other employees and customers, as their passion becomes contagious.

Now that you have these vital steps to finding the perfect employee, there is one thing left for you to do in the hiring process, due diligence. “The…key to successful recruitment lies in due diligence, and this is the single most important step in the process.” (Robinson-Morris)

Contacting references, former employees, checking social media and even performing a psychometric test verifying that the candidate is all they appear to be.

It is possible to find your dream candidate, who possess the skills and experience you desire; and fits with your work culture. Given the current Covid climate unemployment is high, widening the pool of potential employees. Speaking out against discrimination, mainly ageism, Executive Director of the Barbados Employers’ Confederation Sheena Mayers-Granville said, “the focus should be on a genuine occupational qualification. Outside of that, there is an economic case for diversity and inclusiveness.” (Mayers-Granville) If you want to discover that perfect employee, just follow the above steps and be open-minded. 

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