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How Much Money Can a Career in Creativity Make

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Not many people know what a career in creativity looks like. They think that creativity is reserved for artists alone. However, it could not be further from the truth. We use creativity in our lives in all kinds of ways. It could be in the form of crafting the perfect caption for Instagram or editing our pictures. Creativity is an integral part of what some people do. 

Being creative can be the most exciting thing in the world. But, to make a career out of creativity, one needs to practise and be willing to take risks. It also requires one to learn how to best market themselves. If you are considering becoming a creative or want to know which types of jobs are available in the creative industry, you have come to the right place. This post even looks at salaries from various jobs in the creative industry.

The Creative Process

Creativity is best described as the ability to create something valuable that did not previously exist. You can harness your creativity to write a movie script, make a blueprint, or design a product. The outcome of the creative process is different for everyone, which is why creatives are encouraged to focus on their individuality. A spark of interest is what starts the creative process. It leads to the generation of an idea. Although inspiration is important for being creative, creativity requires patience and hard work to transform ideas into viable output.

Jobs in the Creativity Industry

There are plenty of jobs in the creative industry that pay well. Not only do they allow you to be creative, but they also help you make good money. After analysing data provided by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there are some occupations in the creative industry that offer a decent income, as mentioned below.

1. Makeup Artists

Reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian have made makeup and its artistry very popular by regularly highlighting their glam squads and utilising social media to launch their beauty brands. From Kylie Kenner launching makeup products to YouTubers like Huda Beauty and Jackie Aina creating makeup tutorials, if there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is the fact that makeup artists and the content they produce are in high demand. 

The median annual wage of a makeup artist is $59,300USD, and job growth is projected at 12% through 2026. These experts apply makeup for clients who want to attend events like proms or weddings and those wanting to change the way they look. Those that specialise in makeup for Hollywood command a higher wage. There are many that simply choose to work with celebrities, such as Mario Dedivanovic.

2. Web Developers

When people think about the creative industry, they tend to overlook Web Development. However, web developers earn $69,430USD a year on average and have an abundance of opportunities since projected job growth through 2026 is 15%. These tech workers create and design websites to ensure that a client gets a website that looks and performs just the way they want it to. Working as a web developer involves helping clients determine the type of information that their websites should contain and writing code to bring them to life.

3. Editors

In order to become an editor, one needs to possess strong writing and communication skills. The job involves planning, producing, and revising content for websites, magazines, books, and newspapers. Typically, editors have to review content for structural cohesiveness, grammar, and spelling problems, after which they will have to rewrite the content to ensure that it perfectly delivers the message. The median annual wage for an editor is $59,480USD. However, projected job growth through 2026 is low at 1% but you shouldn’t be discouraged as there will always be a demand for an editor.

4. Writers and Authors

If you’re worried about job security, you will be relieved to know that projected job growth through 2026 for writers and authors stands at 8%. Since the median annual wage for writers is $62,170USD, a career in writing can be highly lucrative. All you must do is convey information to readers through concise prose in the form of novels, blogs, television scripts, magazines, and advertisements.

5. Industrial Designers

Anyone who is creative and enjoys getting their hands dirty should consider becoming an Industrial Designer. With a median annual wage of $66,590USD and projected job growth through 2026 at 4%, becoming an industrial designer is worth it. The job involves a combination of engineering, business, and marketing to develop products that people can use daily. Besides, it can be exciting to develop designs and concepts for all types of manufactured products, from children’s toys to cars. Moreover, you get to take responsibility for the production costs, aesthetics, usabilityand functions of each new product.

6. Animators and Multimedia Artists

An animator or multimedia artist is responsible for creating two and three-dimensional models, computer-generated images, moving images, and visual effects for video games, film, television, websites, and other entertainment media. The median annual wage for the occupation is $72,520USD, and projected job growth through 2026 is 8%. Job titles include Animators, Game Designers, and Directors. To land a job, you must produce an impressive portfolio of work and display strong technical skills.

7. Fashion Designers

High – fashion designers like Coco Chanel, Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Karl Lagerfeld have defined the world that we live in. A career in fashion design can be highly rewarding. With a median annual wage of $72,720USD and projected job growth through 2026 at 3%, there is great demand for fashion designers. The job involves creating original designs of new clothing, accessories, and footwear. As a fashion designer, you will have to know how to sketch designs, execute complex design ideas and select the right patterns and fabrics to bring them to life using the right techniques for the intended customer base.


Deciding to work in the creative industry is possibly one of the best decisions that one can make. Although you can choose to work a traditional job such as a lawyer, doctor, or accountant, pursuing your passion will allow you to lead a truly satisfying life.

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