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How to Help Employees Avoid Burnout

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Shanika Walcott

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The importance of work-life balance is often preached however, very few achieve it within the organisation. Employee burnout occurs regularly, however, it is seldomly spoken about. It can be seen when the worker is overwhelmed by workplace stressors such as tight deadlines, heavy workload, job insecurity, long hours and more. Signs of employee burnout include but not limited to reduced productivity, poor performance, increased illness, detachment from work, depression, and irritability. It is important that management of the organisation seeks to avoid employee burnout in an effort to retain happy and productive employees.

You might be wondering how you can prevent and avoid employee burnout. There are several ways such as

Set a good example and make wellbeing a part of your culture

Managers should set a good example when promoting the organisation’s culture. If it is the culture of the managers within the organisation to work excessively long hours, working through personal time, putting work ahead of family, or continuously skipping lunch to perform tasks, this can lead to employees feeling pressured to do the same. Changing this type of culture to a more balanced one can help avoid employee burnout.

Listen to work-related problems

Listening might seem like an obvious solution, however, it can be very helpful. Managers should provide a safe space for employees where they can come and express their feelings on work related issues such as their workload. This safe space can lead to relieving stress. This allows the manager to have knowledge of the issues the employee is facing. Managers should check in with in with employees, including their mental health,  and promote work life balance which can also reduce burnout. If employee’s raise the matter of the weight of their workload, managers can seek to adjust the workload wherever possible.

Encourage teamwork

Employees may feel excess stress if they believe the workload falls solely on them. However, encouraging teamwork wherever possible helps to ease that burden. Coworkers can provide emotional support to others within their department who are struggling. Managers should encourage frequent communication throughout their teams which can decrease employee burnout as well as increase productivity with additional support. 

Employee burnout can be avoided and managed if it arises. These three tips can be used to help avoid employee burnout within your organisation. What other tips have you and your teammates employed to fight against burnout?

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