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We offer a variety of approaches and methods in order to accelerate the transition from traditional to digital learning and facilitate knowledge transfer, operational efficiency and effective organisational change.

Cyber Security Essentials for the Work Space

What every employee should understand about online vulnerabilities and how to identify and prevent them.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Act

We examine the intended purpose of Barbados' sexual harassment prevention act, define sexual harassment, outline the employer’s responsibilities and the employee’s rights, ensure clear understanding of the role of the chief labour officer, the employment’s rights tribunal and discuss penalties for non compliance.

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* Free for a limited time compliments Workin' Caribbean

e-Learning Solutions


We provide custom training solutions for your specific business challenges and engaging material for your employees. Digital learning literally brings training and development to the tip of your finger. It can be delivered across the web and accessed from computers, tablets and mobile devices giving professionals the flexibility to learn when and where they want to. Our team of consultation specialists is ready to work with you to either develop and deliver your training content or transform your existing content into a captivating and specialized E- Learning programme that aligns with your business goals.