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How to Sail Through E-Recruiting (Employer)

Recruitment of new employees often used traditional methods such as published job advertisements and face to face interviews, however, the process of recruitment is changing today due to ongoing changes in the world and is quickly progressing to taking the form of electronic recruitment and selection. The concept of e-recruitment is fully transforming the recruitment and selection process virtually. That is from virtual job advertisements, receiving applications, scheduling interviews, communicating with candidates and selecting the right candidate to fill the position.

Maybe you are wondering why e-recruiting; why should you change from traditional to electronic? Understandably so with the preponderance on the disadvantages, namely; the difficultly in measuring effectiveness, the perception of it being informal and higher levels of competition. However, in our view the benefits far outweigh the dissensions. With the conversion to e-recruiting, companies can experience multiple advantages such as reduction in costs, greater flexibility, greater reach and time saving. Another benefit is that it is easily accessible and therefore, in the wake of Covid-19 where limited office space is a reality to maintain physical distancing, interviewing can be done almost anywhere by the recruiter.

You may think to yourself; how will I find the right candidate virtually through e-recruiting? It is possible! Here’s how you can turn your negatives into positives.

With e-recruiting, the initial interview with the candidate might be scheduled virtually, and the recruiter might not be able to read all non-verbal communication such as body language. However, you can turn this around and schedule the second interview face to face and have a “feel” for if the candidate will fit your organisation.  Additionally, a well-structured reference check can answer your questions such as the candidate’s hygiene for instance which you would not be able to assess virtually. It is noteworthy, however, that you should conduct at least two reference checks with former places of employment, so as to get a more consistent view of the candidate.

Another drawdown might be measuring the effectiveness, for example, reaching a desired candidate pool. This can also be turned into a positive! Try targeted advertisements. This will allow for a wider targeted reach and can be used across multiple social media platforms, unlike print media which is unlikely to reach the desired audience. This will provide greater flexibility at a potentially lower cost.

So yes, it may seem difficult to find the right candidate using e-recruiting, however, with the right tools, e-recruiting can be more beneficial to your organisation than you think! But let’s dig a little deeper; can you really find the ideal employee? and if so how? Next Blog loading in………(perhaps we can do a countdown here).