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Live Where You Vacation! – Author Chris K. Jones’ Shares His Experience Living And Writing In Barbados On The Welcome Stamp (Part 1/3)

Picture of Nadine A. Jack

Nadine A. Jack

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Table of Contents

Imagine yourself amongst softly swaying coconut trees, tropical drink in hand, laptop balanced precariously on your knees in between quick dips in the sapphire blue ocean…

Sounds like paradise right? 

Well, author Chris K. Jones spent a year and a half in Barbados writing his book Headcase and immersing himself in the local culture. In this three part series, he recounts what you should expect, how to prepare and what to do when the nuances of island life appear. 

His book Headcase launches March 15th in the USA but Paradise is Callin’ now, will you answer?

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