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Make Money while building a Career in Social Media using TikTok

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If you use Tiktok, the popular social media app, I’m sure you’ve been wondering how much your favourite creator makes. Well, to start with, we can’t ignore the massive adoption and growth of Tiktok. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. 

Today, almost everyone is using this booming social media platform for social media marketing. And as the number of daily active users continues to rise, people are finding unique ways to engage with their audience and monetize them. So, how much do these Tiktok creators really make? Read on to find out! 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is not uncommon. Brands are always looking for creators with the most extensive following to form brand partnerships with. Today, many popular creators on Tiktok are contacted by brands asking them to partner in influencer promotions. 

However, to reach this kind of success, the creator must create engaging content that relates to the brand, and with this, the top Tiktokers can on average make $50,000 to $100,000USD per post. 

The Tiktok Creators Program

Tiktok Creators’ Program creates a platform for brands to reach out to creators. However, this is an invite-only program that creators can only join if they have above 10,000 followers and a minimum of 100, 000 video views. While creators can still make brand deals outside this program, it is a good way for different brands to figure out if they would really love to work with you. Currently, you must be a legal US resident to be eligible for the program, but with globalisation and the evolution of social media platforms, hopefully this restriction will change to include creators worldwide in the near future.

Selling Merchandise

As Tiktok creator, you can also make money selling merchandise. It is a popular trend, and you will find that most Tiktokers who sell merch add a link to their stores or websites on their profile. Creators have followed the trend of selling merchandise on Tiktok depending on their brand identity. 

However, the amount you make mostly depends on how many followers you have. Some of the popular items that creators sell on Tiktok include hoodies, joggers, phone cases, and shirts. Essentially, focus on the things that teenagers love. 

Live Broadcasts 

Going live on broadcasts is another easy way to make money on Tiktok as a creator. Followers can gift their favourite creator coins on their Tiktok broadcast live. As a Tiktok user, you can always purchase coins from your profile. 

You will need $1.39 to get a hundred coins. You can send your favourite creators these coins as a way of giving thanks for the amazing content they create. Once a creator receives the coins, they can exchange the coins for real money via Paypal. 

Consulting Services 

You can also potentially offer consulting services on Tiktok. Let’s say you are a pro, and you know how to help someone can get more views on their videos; you can definitely offer consulting services. That is always an excellent way to leverage your expertise from the platform. You need first to have the required knowledge and background to provide these services. That way, people will be willing to pay to receive specialised insight from you. 

In Summary

As seen in this article, there are five ways to make money on Tiktok even though the platform is still in its very early stages. All in all, that doesn’t mean creators on this platform don’t face any challenges. Recently, one consistently common complaint expressed by Black, and other creators of colour, is that white influencers often imitate or outright steal their creative work, subsequently reaping the personal and financial gains earned from the Tiktok views but failing to credit the originators. 

Therefore, watermarking your videos with your brand identity may be a good way to thwart theft.

Now go out there and do what you do best, be creative!

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