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Learning and Development is integral to every aspect of life, and the world of business is no exception.  At TAPP NEW MEDIA we recognize that traditional forms of training – which require time away from an employee’s desk – are resources and money out of company pockets, and can often be laborious, tedious and time-consuming. In our current fast-paced, technologically-driven professional environments, applied e-Learning solutions are considered the most practical, cost-effective and exciting way of “Implementing the Future”, by providing performance improvement training on your schedule, anytime, anywhere.

It’s What People Want

The digital revolution and smartphone boom have triggered huge changes in how we access, consume, discuss, and share content. Naturally, learning is following suit. A key advantage to having your training programmes online is that it ensures you are in sync with modern learners – delivering the type of content they want, when they want it.

Quickly Delivered

  • Available immediately
  • No travel time is needed to get to and from training events
  • Learners can focus on elements of a programme they need to learn, and disregard what they already know

With Lower costs

Due to the speed and ease with which e-Learning can be delivered, the costs of learning and development for an organisation are drastically reduced. Employers gain savings from not having to hire trainers, pay for course materials, and provide funding for travel and accommodation.

Some of our E-learning services include:


Micro Learning

Scenario Building

Online Training Courses

Blended Learning Consultancy

Digital Learning Design Strategies

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in delivering your training via e-Learning.

Our team of consultation specialists is ready to work with you to either develop and deliver your training content or transform your existing content into a captivating and specialized E- Learning programme that aligns with your business goals.