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  • Why On-Boarding is important – Placing People at the Center of Excellence

Why On-Boarding is important – Placing People at the Center of Excellence

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I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.

This wisdom from ancient China is more relevant than ever in today’s modern world, where technological change is quickly outpacing the ability of organizations and firms to respond in ways that enhance their productivity and increase their bottom line.

Popular learning models, including the Learning Pyramid, suggest that in any two-week time span, people remember only 5 percent of what they hear, 10 percent of what they read, 20 percent of what they watch in a recording, 30 percent of what they see in a live demonstration, 50 percent of what they discuss, 75 percent of what they practice, and 90 percent of what they actually participate in or teach on a regular basis.

Whether or not you agree with the basic findings of these learning models, it’s tough to disagree that the more a person takes part in an activity, the more he or she is likely to learn and remember in the long run.

Workin’ Caribbean delivers practical, cost-effective interactive training for individuals, teams, groups, leaders and organizations, including highly intuitive web-based frameworks that are easy to understand and manipulate without formal instruction.  It’s part of a suite of services designed by TAPP Digital Incorporated that uses technology to deliver effective, transformative solutions to meet clients’ long-term business goals.

It’s about becoming a learning organization that places people at the center of excellence.

Achieving organizational excellence starts with selection.

We know this.

But excellence is reinforced very early on by the way in which new hires are onboarded and made a part of the organizational culture.

We’ve heard horror stories of employees left to “sink or swim” in the first few weeks of a new job.  We’ve heard about mind-numbing days and sometimes even weeks spent being left alone with overwhelming amounts of indecipherable information and nothing to help make sense of it all.

Onboarding, what some call organizational socialization, is the process by which new employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to be effective team players.  It integrates them into the organization and its culture. The process might include formal meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials, or computer-based gaming and orientation to introduce new hires to their responsibilities and the expectations of their new managers.

Research shows that effective onboarding results in positive outcomes, including greater job satisfaction, more effective job performance, deeper organizational loyalty, reduced occupational stress, and a decreased desire to quit.  These are critical for any business that has to remain competitive when faced with an increasingly mobile, global and technology driven workforce.

Self-paced digital learning gives people a greater sense of autonomy in managing their time and balancing core tasks.  Since digital learning gives them freedom to train on downtime, on-the-go or in their free time, they can prioritize, leading to much higher productivity and greater efficiency. The convenience of digital learning means you can acquire new skills and training on-demand without the conflict of losing key productivity hours.  Digital onboarding has many advantages over traditional onboarding processes.  It can:

  • Reduce organizational costs
  • Allow new employees to start working sooner
  • Allow new employees to learn at their preferred pace and within agreed time frames
  • Ensure consistent delivery of important, targeted, up-to-date content
  • Allow employers to track learning
  • Enable seamless integration with other learning management software
  • Provide always-accessible reference materials
  • Help employers remain in compliance with all legally required forms

At Workin’ Caribbean and TAPP New Media, we believe the onboarding process is a critical step to ensuring new hires are effective hires. Our onboarding platform provides an easy and effective way to educate new staff members about the areas an organization thinks are most important to any given function.

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